NANO Blackbox

Bringing Nano closer to the real world ยท

What is the Nano Blackbox?

The Nano Blackbox is a point of sale that utilizes RFID/NFC and the cryptocurrency Nano. Originally we intended to ship it as a physical box that ran the software on it, instead at this time the software is available for download which you can run on your own hardware. It allows for easy integration into retail businesses. Optionally it can serve as a full node to support the Nano network. Receive instant and feeless cryptocurrency payments and propagate them to the Nano network immediately. More information about Nano itself can be found on

This point of sale runs on Debian. Debian can be freely obtained from


Ease of use

This point of sale was designed with ease of use in mind. After only a few clicks you will be able to receive Nano payments in your store.

Free and instant cryptocurrency payments

Receive free and instant payments in Nano and propagate them to the network immediately.


The sensitive data on the box is encrypted and well-secured against hackers.


  1. Download the point of sale software.
  2. Install it on your computer.
  3. Obtain the necessary hardware by yourself. You will need a pc and an RFID reader (read more under "How to")



For any questions or other concerns you can mail us:


Support us

You don't need a point of sale but you would still like to support us? We are very grateful for donations of any amount to xrb_356zkxzdffizq5ay8a8ohwhqpw96s4hdc7n7pwxozhgpjziceinch8wk1kdw - thank you!